Western Indian Ocean

Vision 2030 – The Future of Ocean Conservation

George Rushingisha has returned from Mozambique to his workplace at the Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute (TAFIRI) in Dar es Salaam and is preparing to present the current selection state of fish stocks to the Livestock and Fisheries Minister.


CoastWise is developing new data and methods for coastal assessment and planning in support of improved integrated management in South Africa, and by strengthening coastal literacy.

Planning and conducting Co-Design

The co-design phase for the MeerWissen projects aims to build/support a partnership among researchers for the implementation of a project, and orient the project towards the needs of local actors by engaging them.

Impacts and successes

In the areas of development of new cooperation, contribution to networking, scientific or development programmes and influence on policy decisions, some concrete results have been achieved.

Science to Policy in the WIO Region

The UN Ocean Decade is shining the spotlight on the need for evidence-based policy to protect the world’s ocean. The sharpened focus is bringing more and more policymakers onboard, and scientists have an unprecedented opportunity to get their research noticed by decision-makers.

The MeerWissen initiative

This video promotes the core of the initiative: establish scientific cross-regional “partnerships of equals” based on the idea of a co-design process.


Meerwissen has reached the following stakeholders with various communication activities.
These include publications (108), events (74), external communication (25),
technical meetings (12), surveys / interviews (11).

Co-Design in WIOGEN

Co-design aims to create a space where scientists and non-academic stakeholders work together, bridging the gap between science and society to achieve knowledge integration and sustainable societal impact.